Menu Plans

Menu planning is the key to ensuring your family eats healthy, frugal, yet satisfyingly tasty meals that eliminates the 5pm "What's for Dinner" mantra. It is the help we all need to simply get dinners on the family table each night without any additional thinking required.

I plan dinners for a full month at a time, where I focus on using primarily what we have on-hand in our pantry, freezers, and basement storage.  I try to only grocery shop once per month to buy any fresh ingredients we need for that month's menu, along with a fill-in shop restocking our fresh produce and dairy.

As recipes are published, they will be linked to in future menu plans. You can also find published recipes under Labels on the right side of this blog or by simply doing a Search.

I hope our menu plans give you inspiration on what to plan for your families upcoming meals.

2020 Montly Menu Plans
January 2020 Menu Plan
February 2020 Menu Plan
March 2020 Menu Plan
April 2020 Menu Plan
May 2020 Menu Plan

2019 Monthly Menu Plans
March 2019 Menu Plan
April 2019 Menu Plan
May 2019 Menu Plan
June 2019 Menu Plan
July 2019 Menu Plan
August 2019 Menu Plan
September 2019 Menu Plan
October 2019 Menu Plan
November 2019 Menu Plan
December 2019 Menu Plan